Pylon Signs


Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs (also called pole signs or freestanding signs) are outdoor signs frequently mounted on one or two poles.

Pylon Signs (also called pole signs or freestanding signs) are outdoor signs frequently mounted on one or two poles. They often extend into heights that are seen from long distances and free of visual obstructions.  They can be single-sided or double-sided. Pylon Signs usually lighted and often installed on a business property but not attached to a building. The skills and expertise within Jones Sign make us the best Pylon Sign resource in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) area. 

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Pylon Signs are used in many industries, but are preferred among hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, gas stations, retail stores, and many others, and are most commonly seen along major highways main streets.

No two companies are the same, so no two signs should be either. If you would like a pylon sign for your business, call us to get started or check our process that includes:

      • Planning
      • Designing
      • Building
      • Installation

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Pylon Signs...continued

Pylon sign lengths can range greatly from 10 feet and close to 100 ft in height. Design consists of an illuminated cabinet on top of a support pole or poles. Pylons are typically used for Minneapolis/St. Paul business identification, multiple tenant listings or directories in plazas and malls. The cabinets are fabricated from heavy wall aluminum extrusion with an acrylic polyurethane finish, which has an impressive lifespan. The electrical aspects of the cabinets conform to UL specifications. Any custom graphics or colors can be decorated on acrylic, polycarbonate, or routed aluminum. Related to the pylon signs, interactive LED message centers or a combination can be utilized in your pylon sign. These LED message centers are computer controlled and allows owners to change their company message on demand. If you’re considering a pylon sign, we’d be happy to show you samples and discuss the various options. Our recommendations will be based on your brand guidelines and the final design, the site location, your budget, timing and specific sign regulations for your city and building. Our experience extends into design and we’re skilled at navigating sign code compliance, ensuring that your pylon sign suits your needs and complies with all state and local ordinances. Jones Sign understands partnerships, and can either create your sign or assist your team in creating the design that's right for you. Your pylon sign is a permanent fixture and often establishes an important first impression to those who visit your location.

We can assist you through many aspects including:

  • Site Planning and Strategy Design
  • Sign Code Compliance
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Lighting
We work closely with contractors, landlords, property management companies, homeowner’s associations, and corporations. Clients can range from banks, stadiums, business parks, shopping centers, real estate agencies, business parks, insurance companies, and more.