Hanging Banners


Hanging Banners

Hanging Banners make your storefront or event standout with a bold look and a durable product.


Hanging Banners are a durable, weatherproof, scratch-resistant premium product that has a smooth surface and is great both indoors and out. The variety of finish options make it a great choice when image is important, and it offers excellent quality and color. Make your storefront or event space stand out with this great short-term or long-term option.

Hanging banners are perfect for making an announcement, promoting an upcoming event, and displaying new or popular products. The skills and expertise within Jones Sign make us the best hanging banners resource in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) area. 

When you have a choice, choose the experts at Jones.

We can help transform any part of your store or storefront with an attractive hanging banner. Brands within a busy traffic will see improved visibility and draw the attention of passerby’s. A critical aspect to making the perfect hanging banner placement. We can help guide your choice of a perfect location.  

Custom wall murals fall into the category of handing banners and are printed on adhesive vinyl using special large-format printers. Custom wall mural printing is a task that should be handled by printing and graphics professionals like Jones Sign.  A wall decal is similar to a wall mural in that it is an image printed on adhesive vinyl and applied to a wall. The difference is that a wall decal does not typically cover the entire surface area of the wall, where as a wall mural does. A wall mural like wallpaper, and wall decals are like stickers. The processes for printing and applying are the same for both wall decals and wall murals!

Wall murals are a great branding solution for office spaces, walkways, retails businesses, restaurants, doctor offices, model homes, and many other industries. It adheres great to drywall, metal, and glass. This type of removable vinyl is of interest in shopping areas for seasonal promotions and events.  This is perfect for empty walls, hallways and lobbies. 

Our experience extends into design and we’re skilled at navigating sign code compliance.  Jones Sign will ensure that your hanging banner suits your needs and complies with all state and local ordinances.  Jones Sign understands partnerships and can either create or assist your team in creating the sign design.  Your hanging banner is a establishes an important first impression to those who visit your location.  We can assist you through many aspects including: 

  • Site Planning and Strategy
  • Design
  • Sign Code Compliance
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Lighting

We work closely with contractors, landlords, property management companies, homeowner’s associations, and corporations.  Clients can range from banks, stadiums, business parks, shopping centers, real estate agencies, business parks, insurance companies, and more. 

Have more questions about hanging banners? 

Contact Jones Sign to find out more on how hanging banners can improve your business’s visibility and brand recognition. With so many choices available to you, you may feel overwhelmed when trying to make decisions for your company’s hanging banners. Call us or stop by today!

Our sign experts are ready to make a big impact with your signage!

More About Hanging Banners

Scrim… what is that?  Scrim vinyl is the most common substrate for printing these type of indoor or outdoor banners. Scrim vinyl is a polyethylene substrate, reinforced with polyester cording. This internal cording is what gives it strength and durability to withstand damaging winds and weather conditions.  It often consists of a polyester fabric that is embedded between two scrim vinyl layers, which allows it to be less susceptible to tearing. Ideal for event signage in art galleries, museums, supermarkets and service stations. This banner may be sewn or finished with grommets. The expert team at Jones Sign has worked with many other businesses and will guide you through the process and make sure you have an exceptional experience.

Hanging Banners from Jones Sign Company