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Dimensional Letter Signs

Dimensional Letters (or 3D signs) add an element of depth and character to your company's signage and are effective for permanent indoor or outdoor use.

Dimensional Letters or three-dimensional signage (sometimes called 3D signage or dimensional signs) adds an element of depth to a flat sign's height and width. Dimensional letters are sure to make your business name or logo stand out whether your business is located in a busy shopping center or on a busy street. The skills and expertise within Jones Sign make us the best Dimensional Letter Sign resource in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) area.

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Dimensional letters can be used indoor or outdoor. Exterior dimensional lettering can be installed directly to your building facade and to self-standing signage structures, such as monument signs or other low profile signs.

There is a distinct difference between our dimensional letters and channel letters. Dimensional letters are illuminated externally. That is, if you're looking to light up your sign by night, you'll need to consider an external lighting source. We recommend that you consider dimensional letters to internally illuminate your sign to attract attention to your brand, day or night. Durable, yet economical, our dimensional lettering can be made in varying depths depending on the material you choose.

Three-dimensional lettering and shapes can be created from a wide range of materials and illuminated in a number of innovative ways for bold high impact marketing. These signs are fabricated from aluminum, which prevents rusting and guarantees permanent outdoor use regardless of the weather conditions. Illuminating your dimensional sign is an important consideration.

The inside shape that forms the letters or logo are painted and fitted with lighting elements, such light-emitting diode (LED) modules. Adding a translucent plastic face for the letters or logo made of a thick sheet of acrylic or polycarbonate can improve its durability.

We work with you to personalize your business sign. Your custom design look can be completed based on the design file you provide or that we help you develop.  With the use of color high resolution graphics, custom paint colors, cut vinyl lettering, or even dimensional lettering you will end up with an impressive sign.

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More About Dimension Signs

Our experience extends into design and we’re skilled at navigating sign code compliance. Jones Sign will ensure that your dimensional letters suit your needs and complies with all state and local ordinances. Jones Sign understands partnerships, and can either create or assist your team in creating the sign design. Your dimensional letters are a permanent fixture and often establishes an important first impression to those who visit your location. We can assist you through many aspects including:
  • Site Planning and Strategy
  • Design
  • Sign Code Compliance
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Lighting
We work closely with contractors, landlords, property management companies, homeowner’s associations, and corporations. Clients can range from banks, stadiums, business parks, shopping centers, real estate agencies, business parks, insurance companies, and more.

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